Food has always been at the center of my life.

Food meant joy, family, a way I could be creative. I couldn’t stay out of the kitchen – as a child, baking chocolate chip cookies, as a teenager and college student working in bars and restaurants. I saw how food could make people happy and bring them together.

I found success in working in the food industry – I’ve worked in the front of the house and the back – in kitchens, behind bars, waiting tables and planning events for hundreds. I’ve seen the joy food can bring.

Earning my stripes at the French Culinary Institute in New York gave me the technical and broad view of food that I needed to expand my command of the kitchen. I was able to hone my culinary creativity after those foundational skills were perfected.

Since then, I have become a wife, a mother to three active kids – in three different schools - and a business owner. So, to say that I am busy is an understatement. I know it would be super easy to hit the fast food drive through, but I have also found, it’s just as easy to feed my family – and myself – in a healthful way. I eat the food that fuels the life I want. And you can too.

I have found that through a balanced, healthy lifestyle I can eat until I’m full and find happiness in the experience of eating.  I wanted to share that approach to eating with others and create a place where eating is not only delicious and good for you – but it’s also fun. So, I took the plunge to open my first restaurant to Detroit, a city whose re-birth and comeback story is not only inspiring.

7greens is a place where people gather and eat wholesome, delicious food in a judgement-free zone. We provide a flexitarian menu where vegans, vegetarians and paleos can all find hand-made, from scratch food that feeds their daily journey.

At 7greens, it’s more than just a salad. It’s a way for customers to find their way to a healthy, balanced eating lifestyle - and have enjoy every bite.

I opened a second location in Birmingham, MI, my home town. Next up, 7greens will blow into the Windy City - Chicago. And I cannot wait.

Remember, feed the person you want to be. 

Kelly Schaefer - 7greens Founder

Kelly Schaefer - 7greens Founder