Our Loyalty & Rewards Program


7Greens membership has its privileges

Get free salads, sandwich wraps, bowls and more. Be the first to know about our monthly specials, deals and new items.


How it works:

Sign up for our rewards program at one of our 7G locations. It’s fast and easy and one of our 7G team members will help you.

For every $1 spent at a 7Greens location, you will receive one Rewards Point.  With every 100 Rewards Points earned, you will receive $7 that can be used for your next 7Greens purchase.

How to get Reward Points quick!

Sign up today and get Points! Receive 100 Rewards Points just for signing up to the 7Greens Loyalty Program.

We love Birthdays! Receive 200 Rewards Points ($14 value) on your birthday or birth month as a 7greens loyalty member.